Asset Travels and Tours - Special Offers

Servicing the rapid M.I.C.E. expansion in Sri Lanka

Asset Travels and Tours effectively responds to customer needs, as well as, changing trends in the travel industry. Be it a meeting, exhibition, conference or business related activity we have the experience and know how to make it optimal, effective and result oriented.

M.I.C.E. Tourism is a significant component of corporate travel agendas. Our skilled and professional staff will assist you in organizing, coordinating all M.I.C.E. requirements from end to end. We will give you a comprehensive and seamless travel experience in order to make your travels effective and profitable, as

well as a pleasant and enjoyable experience. From visas, documentation, airline reservations, itineraries, insurance, accommodation to transport, our dedicated and unparalleled service and attention to detail makes the distinctive difference to discerning travelers’ who chose to utilize our services.

We believe that we provide an excellent service of combining the talents of our experienced staff and using their knowledge to provide you with the best in hotel accommodation all around the world. Our services include sourcing conference venues, finding hotels within your budget, negotiating and producing contracts and making the necessary payment arrangements.

Our team of qualified experienced and service orientated travel professionals strive to satisfy our clients travel needs in every possible way. Constantly seeking to increase our productivity, service standards and with a vision of being easily accessible to our client.

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